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Thank you for booking your move with UltraCare Moving! Please read the terms and conditions for our services below in its entirety, check the box to accept, sign below and submit to finalize your appointment. These terms apply to all moves that are scheduled and completed by our company and employees.


Morning appointments are scheduled with a fixed start time and a 30-minute arrival window in case there are any for unforeseen delays.

For moves scheduled in the morning, we ask customers to be patient if the movers are running late due to heavy morning traffic, inclement weather, an issue with our equipment, or if we experience an employee related issue. You will receive a call from us if we experience a delay for any reason.

Afternoon and Evening appointments are scheduled with a 2-hour window and the start time depends on the estimated completion time of the previous appointment.

For moves scheduled in the afternoon and evening, we ask customers to be available 2 hours prior to your scheduled move time in case the previous move is finished ahead of schedule. Therefore, we may call you to request an early arrival. We also ask customers to be available 2 hours after your scheduled start time in case the previous move experiences any delays. Again, you will receive a call from us if we experience any delays.

We are on a strict schedule and ask that you are packed and ready to go when the movers arrive unless the estimate includes packing services.


The estimate that you received is a non-binding, general idea of how long the move will take based on your inventory and the factors of the move under normal conditions. Moving is charged by the hour, and any time over the estimate will be charged accordingly. We do our best to estimate the time frame based on the information provided. The actual move may go quicker or take longer than the estimated time based on the customer’s preparedness, factors not disclosed, insufficient inventory list, greater walking distance, heavy traffic, inclement weather, and/or any other unforeseen factors.

The time it takes to disassemble and reassemble any furniture may take additional time over the estimated time depending on its difficulty and will be charged accordingly.


Please be aware that you will be charged for the supplies that are used on your move by our employees. This includes any and all packing supplies, supplies to wrap and protect your furniture, and supplies to move your items. The movers will use the supplies at their will and according to company policy and procedure, and you will not be asked permission prior to their use.

We do not provide any free packing supplies and must charge accordingly for all supplies used on your move.

The moving truck is equipped with extra packing supplies in case they are needed and for emergency purposes. If you would like us to provide packing supplies on the day of your move, you must make arrangements with your coordinator prior to your move.


Please be aware that the foreman will thoroughly go over the paperwork upon arrival and upon completion of your move for accuracy purposes.

The foreman will also complete a Pre-Move Inspection upon arrival, and a Post-Move Inspection upon completion. These tasks are included in the hourly time, and have already been taken into consideration in the estimated time.

Please be advised that you are responsible for doing a final walk-through of your home to ensure that no items are left behind.


Please make sure that your property and home are a safe and healthy working environment; that your home and property are free from any hazards that could injure the movers, damage our equipment, or damage any items being moved; and that your home and furniture are clean and clear of any dust, dirt, water, mold, snow, debris, bugs, rodents, animal urine or feces and hair.
Please remove all pets from your home and premises on moving day for safety reasons.
Please remove any water, dirt, snow, or ice on the ground and in the movers walkway prior to your move. The movers are required to take extra precautions if these conditions exist prior to starting your move, which will result in added time for preparation, and you will be charged accordingly.

We cannot be held responsible for soiled, stained, or damaged flooring as a result of such conditions.

We reserve the right to terminate a move and contract for our services if there are any issues regarding a safe and healthy working environment. If these conditions exist and we choose to complete your move, you will be charged overtime rates for the entire move, and an equipment cleaning fee of $250.


Poor weather conditions on the day of your move may have a negative impact on your move, and we may experience delays as a result.

Please be aware that you will be charged for the total time that the movers are on your job despite poor weather conditions.


Moving is a cooperative effort of both the customer and the movers. Thus, to ensure a quick and efficient move please make sure that you have communicated to us all of the factor of your move in detail; that you are packed, organized and ready to go when the movers arrive; that all furniture is empty and free of all items; that all fragile items, including artwork and lamps, are packed properly; that all boxes are taped closed; and that all furniture is disassembled prior to our arrival. The movers will have a basic tool set available to disassemble and/or re-assemble any furniture requested.

All items must be boxed or wrapped and protected prior to moving the items and placing them in our possession. We will not take any miscellaneous items that are loose and not protected, as they can get damaged during the move, or cause damage to property.

Do not over-pack boxes. Boxes should not weigh more than 50lbs each. Small boxes should only contain fragile items, books, and small size items. Medium boxes should only contain clothing, lamps, miscellaneous items, etc. Large boxes should not be heavy and only contain pillows, linens, etc. Kitchenware should be packed appropriately so that fragile items do not get damaged in the ordinary course of moving.

We reserve the right to add additional movers and/or trucks to your move if we deem necessary to aid in the efficiency of the move, and you will be charged accordingly.

The customer is responsible for doing a final walk-through of the residence and the truck to ensure that all items have been removed from the home during the move-out; and removed from the truck and placed in the home accordingly during the move-in.

Please let us know if there are any security concerns in your neighborhood so that we can advise you on the appropriate measure to take for your move. We may request that you stand by the truck while the movers are away from the truck. Or we may need to add an additional mover to man the truck at all times.


Please be aware that our schedule depends on the number of hours estimated for your move. Therefore, we may schedule one move for a full day for one crew, or two to three moves for one crew in order to utilize the working hours of the day. That is, we may schedule one move in the morning, one move in the afternoon, and one move in the evening. Unless your move is scheduled for a full day, the movers will be on a strict schedule. Therefore, moves are scheduled accordingly based on the estimated time per move. We allow one hour of time between moves, however, we are on a strict schedule and cannot afford to lose time, as it will affect our schedule and another customer’s move. Therefore, you are required to be packed, organized and ready to go prior to our arrival, unless this contract is for packing services.

There will be a $150 Penalty which will result in the forfeiture of your Deposit if these terms are not adhered to. The penalty is considered an inconvenience fee, as it results in numerous problems that are caused by insufficient preparedness, which may result in additional charges to other customers. This fee will be applied upon completion of the move if deemed necessary by management.

There will be a $25 non-refundable retainer fee for every scheduled move.


Please be aware that there are additional charges for the following additional services. These services are not provided in ordinary household goods moving within our hourly rated time. However, they are priced according to our Tariff Rates. Additional Services include:

Long Carry: $100 charge if the carry is over 100 feet in length from the truck to the door of the residence.

Excessive Stair Carry: $50 charge per every 5 flights of stairs for one item if the item does not fit in the designated elevator and we have to walk the item up the stairs. An additional $20 per hour for stair carry over 3rd floor also applies.

Hoisting/Lowering: $75 charge per item from ground level to first floor; $100 from ground level to second floor; $125 from ground level to third floor; $150 from ground level to fourth floor.

Trash Removal: if you are not able to dispose of the materials used during your move on-site, we will remove and dispose of the trash off-site for an additional charge based on the amount trash.

Garbage Disposal: if you would like us to dispose of any unwanted items, a charge will apply based on the number of items and their weight.

Equipment Cleaning Fee: if our equipment is soiled from any foreign substance that leaks out of your boxes or items, an equipment cleaning fee will apply depending on the substance and the estimated time to clean it up.


Special Handling means that the item requires special attention and/or expertise in packing and moving. This means that the item is fragile, heavy, over-sized, odd-shaped, high value, etc. This also means that the item does not fall within the standard terms of household goods moving, therefore, there is an additional charge to move the item. The additional charge is for the increased liability of moving the item, which means that the item has an increased liability to be damaged, cause damage, or cause injury. Please disclose all inventory appropriately so that all Contract Terms are adhered to. We do not want to surprise you with any charges, but we also do not want to be surprised when we show up to do your move. We reserve the right to refuse to move such items if not disclosed, not packed properly, and/or not charged accordingly.

Special Handling charges include the following:

Heavy Box Fee: A $50 fee will be charged for a box that weighs more than 50 pounds.
Heavy Item Fee: A fee will be charged based on the weight of an item over 250 lbs. This includes items such as a piano, safe, tools, machinery, arcade game, jukebox, etc.

Oversize Item Fee: A $50 fee will be charged for an item over 150 lbs but not more than 250 lbs. This includes all furniture, artwork, electronics, exercise equipment, glass, appliances, tools, etc.

Fragile Item Fee: A $50 fee will be charged for an item that requires extensive packing and protection. This includes anything that is deemed fragile including furniture, artwork, electronics, exercise equipment, glass, lamps, appliances, etc. You are also required to purchase Declared Valuation for protection.

Fine Art/Antiques: Additional charges and insurance apply to pack and move items with a high value. The value must be stated prior to the move, and Declared Valuation protection must be purchased in advance.


We employ professional experienced movers and take precautions to avoid damages, which are rare, but they do happen. UltraCare Moving can only reimburse you according to the level of protection that you choose for your move.

The valuation coverage that comes standard with local moves in the state of Massachusetts covers $0.30 per pound per article. For example, if a coffee table is damaged and weighs 20 lbs, your coverage for that article is $6.00.

If you have chosen additional coverage, then the limitations are set forth in that coverage. Please contact your moving coordinator with any questions.


Within the Terms of our services and for liability purposes, we are REQUIRED to wrap your items properly with blankets and shrink-wrap or tape to protect them from damage during your move. UltraCare Moving cannot be held liable for damage to these items if the customer refuses this service.

UltraCare Moving cannot be held liable for engineered wood “ready to assemble” furniture due to its lack of structural integrity. This also applies to particle board or pressed wood. In most cases these items are not manufactured with the intention of being moved.

All HDTV’s must be boxed and protected properly prior to moving in order for valuation coverage to apply. Therefore, the use of an HDTV box with foam protection is required to move all HDTV’s. Blanket wrapping is not sufficient protection and is against company policy and procedure. Please make sure our crew can turn on your TV to ensure it works properly prior to and after moving. your move.


Please be sure to secure your personal items prior to your move.

You must declare high-value items prior to your move.

We refuse to move any items listed as Non-Transportable.

Please see the information provided at our website regarding these items and our recommendations for transportation – Personal & Non-Transportable Items.


All damages must be reported on the job site before the men leave, and photos must be taken by the foreman of the crew. Claims must be then filed with the company in writing within 7 days of the date of delivery. A successful claim for loss or damage may depend on your having written an accurate description of the loss, or damage on the inventory, or bill of lading (on mover’s copy too). Unless you note the loss or damage on these documents, your burden of proof may be more difficult.

In addition, your mover’s liability may be less than the value of your goods. According to law, movers are not liable for the full value of your property unless you pay an additional charge for that protection. Please call our office to speak to a representative regarding your protection options.


Your property and furniture will be inspected by the movers for any apparent pre-existing damage prior to the move. If you have any knowledge of pre-existing damage, you are required to notify the movers before they start moving. If any pre-existing damage is found before or during the move, the movers are required to complete a Liability Release Form.

If the movers cause damage to your property or furniture, they are required to complete a Damage Report prior to leaving the job-site.

Please take the time to inspect your property and furniture for any damage prior to the movers departure. Once the movers have left, your burden of proof may be more difficult in filing a claim. If damage is found post-move, do not make any repairs and notify the company right away. We have the right to inspect and repair any damage caused by the movers.


On moving day, the actual moving is a service provided by the men doing the move, and tips are not required, but are greatly appreciated. A reasonable Tip is 10-20% of the bill per crew depending on the factors of the move.

Factors to consider are size and difficulty of move, the time it takes to complete the move, weather conditions on the day of the move, and the quality and care of the service provided.

Demanding a tip is against company policy. Please report a mover to the company that makes a demand for a tip.


A non-refundable $25 deposit is required prior to the move to secure an appointment. The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your move upon completion.


Payment must be made in full when the job is completed and before the movers leave the job site. There are no exceptions.
No discounts will be given or afforded for any reason, you must pay for the services rendered. If you refuse to pay the bill in full upon completion, we will contact the authorities for theft of services.

Under certain circumstances, payment may be required prior to the completion of the job per Illinois Commerce Commission regulations.

For jobs totaling $500 or less, payment in Cash is required. Jobs in excess of $500 can be paid with Cash, or all major Credit/Debit cards. A 4% service fee will be assessed for all Credit/Debit card payments.

The movers are paid by the hour and the time will continue to run until full payment is made, so please have payment ready when the job is completed.


Please review the Massachusetts Commerce Commission’s Consumer Guide to Household Goods Moving in Massachusetts.


THIS IS THE MOVING ORDER & SERVICE CONTRACT: It covers only the items and services listed. Any changes to this form, or any contractual changes for services rendered, can only be made by the Owner of this Company.

LIABILITY OF COMPANY: We are responsible only for our own negligence. We assume no liability of any kind for loss or damage to goods caused by weather conditions, bug or rodent infestation, rust, deterioration, an Act of God, an act of governmental agency or public enemy, driveways that cannot support the weight of our trucks, hazardous or dangerous conditions that exist, or any other causes beyond our control.

PACK BY OWNER: We cannot be held responsible for damage to items that are improperly packed by owner. We advise owners to pack items appropriately to avoid damage during the move.

RE-USED BOXES: We assume no liability for damage caused to the contents of boxes that are re-used for a move. Re-used boxes are not stable and are susceptible to damage.

HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS: We assume no liability for any hazardous or dangerous conditions that exist that cause damage to a person or property. We recommend customers do a walk-through of the home to eliminate any conditions as such. Such conditions will void any valuation or warranty we offer.

VALUATION: Included at no additional charge at a rate of $.30 per pound per complete article. Additional coverage can be purchased for a fee.

*NOTICE: Please be advised that the purchaser should obtain adequate insurance to protect them from loss or damage of goods.

PARTICLE BOARD/ENGINEERED WOOD: We assume no liability for damage or breakage to items made of faux wood including particle board, engineered wood, pressed wood, or laminate wood. These items are not manufactured with the intention of being moved.

FRAGILE ITEMS: We are responsible for damage to fragile items only when our employees pack, move, and unpack them upon delivery. We assume no liability for damage to fragile items that are not properly packed by owner.

FINE ART/ANTIQUES: We will not move any items as such if not disclosed in advance, packed properly, and/or charged accordingly. Valuable items as such may be required to be crated and/or moved separately.

CONTENTS OF FURNITURE/CONTAINERS: We assume no liability for the contents of drawers, containers or other items of similar nature. All items should be removed prior to the move.

APPLIANCES: We assume no liability for the electrical and/or mechanical function of any and all appliances, whether or not our employees pack them. We recommend appliances to be serviced by a qualified service company.

ELECTRONICS: We assume no liability for the electrical and/or mechanical function of any and all electronics, whether or not our employees pack them. We recommend electronics to be serviced by a qualified service company.

MECHANICAL ITEMS: We assume no liability for the mechanical function of any and all mechanical devices including a piano, juke box, phonograph, etc., whether or not our employees pack them. We recommend mechanical items to be serviced by a qualified service company.

WEAR AND TEAR: Ordinary wear and tear in handling is not our responsibility. This includes but is not limited to surface scratches, discoloration, water and/or dirt stains.

OVERSIZE ITEMS: We assume no liability for damage to oversize items that do not fit through doorways or hallways properly. We also assume no liability for damage to doorways and/or hallways that are damaged due to oversize items.

DELIVERY: We will make every reasonable effort to complete delivery. We are not responsible if weather, physical conditions, or other special circumstances prevent completion. If we cannot deliver the goods in the ordinary way by stairs or elevator, there will be additional charges for hoisting, lowering, shuffling, additional labor, and/or additional equipment that is necessary. Also, we will continue to charge the hourly rate for waiting time caused by lack of sufficient elevator service or other causes beyond our control. If no authorized person is present to accept goods at the agreed time, or if orders are incomplete, we will deliver the goods at your own risk and expense, using reasonable judgment.

CLAIMS: All damage claims must be made in writing via email within 7 days after delivery and accompanied by a paid receipt. The damage claim must include pictures and a description of the alleged damage. We have the right to inspect and repair any alleged damage, and if we are not able to do so, we have the right to hire a service professional to make the repairs.

RATES: Regular rates are charged between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:30PM. Any time before or after this time is deemed as overtime, and you will be charged Overtime rates accordingly.

AGREEMENT: Your acceptance of our services shall constitute your agreement with these terms, and this shall become a contract for services at the rates stated and will represent the entire agreement of the parties hereto. It shall apply to all additional services rendered by the company for the owner. Only an officer of the company, owner or partner has power to modify the terms and conditions of this contract, and then only in writing. We shall not be bound by any other promise or representation.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Payment must be made in full per the payment method specified when the job is completed. Driver will collect payment at the final destination.

COLLECTION: If payment is not made in full within 10 days, there will be a 20% late charge. If the payment is not received within 30 days, there will be a $50 fee plus a 25% late fee. If, after 45 days the payment isn't made, this matter will be referred for collection, and the customer is responsible for all costs, including but not limited to agency fees, attorney fees and/or forty percent of the amount of our claim, and court costs.

CANCELLATION: Notice must be given 72 hours prior to the day of the move. Cancellation on the day of the move will result in a cancellation fee (based on the hourly rate), which includes the travel fee and one hour of labor.


Any unauthorized services arranged or performed by an employee of UltraCare Moving within or beyond the scope of these contractual terms, and compensation made directly to the employee from the customer, violates company policy and procedure and renders this contract for services null and void, and there will be no recourse by UltraCare Moving thereof.

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